Welcome from the President

Dear Friends & Supporters:

The leadership of the NAACP Saginaw Branch committed to a complete rebuild of the Branch’s website. This effort is consistent with our goal to do what we can to help citizens to be well informed about important matters that impact the quality of life for each of us.

We invite you to visit this site regularly, especially those pages dedicated to current news and events and calendars listing the dates for important events in the community. In addition to information on local happenings we will also provide key updates on state and national issues. We are hopeful that we can provide you with valuable information that will help guide your decision-making and motivate you to become more civically engaged.

Our new website provides a significant amount of historical information about the work of the NAACP in this community and the accomplishments of African-Americans from the area.

I want to invite you to attend our monthly community meeting to gain additional insight regarding important issues and problems in the community. These sessions typically feature knowledgeable presenters who share information that informs the public about the scope and depth of specific issues and how they are being addressed by those charged with the responsibility to resolve them.

Finally, I encourage our members to offer suggestions about the types of information and features you would like to see on the website. We value your input.

Thank you for your continued support.


Terry Pruitt, President
NAACP Saginaw Branch

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